Monday, 16 July 2012

treasures in the sand....

Golden Sands hold golden treasures
walking on the beach today
head down into the wind
my eye was caught by the beauty of a tiny shell
green and white striped 
shiny in the foamy brine
and as I went
more and more I saw:
gold and red
white and black
striped and plain
they shone like beacons
God's eye for detail
creating perfection in a handful of empty shells
When I was a child, and
when my children were young
we would waste hours in glorious shell hunting 
in the golden sands, for a moment of bliss
I was that child again
gathering my treasures
and praising God for the day 

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Happy Holidays....

or Why I Love my Wee House Beside the Sea

I am on my holidays.... not anywhere exotic, just up on the North East coast of Scotland in a wee fishing village called Findochty (Finechty...) 
I bought this little house as a fixer-upper a couple years ago, and after extensive work it is almost done. It has been almost done for around 18months because I ran out of cash and relocated to over 200 miles away. But it is warm and dry and it's a wee haven of tranquillity. 

The weather is grey and overcast; 
rain falling occasionally - but it's still beautiful. 
It's still great walking on the beach - 
watching the waves crash on the rocks
smelling the salty air
and generally letting my cares away on the tide

It's good to get some sunshine
but it isn't essential
The change in routine, and the chance to unwind and relax 
these are the things that make the holiday

I am on holiday
and I am feeling GOOD!!