Saturday, 9 February 2013


“Oh brilliant!”
“No - I mean BRILLIANT!!”
“Yes. It was brilliant, wasn't it?”

“Yes - but...
what do we do with it now?”
“Yes, nothing
that’s what he said”

“Aye. But eventually... what then?”
“Look. Listen.” “See. Hear. “
“We saw God’s Glory
“It was brilliant
“it isn’t nothing
“so we must tell of it
“let the Light Shine!”

Look. Listen. Act!


Thursday, 7 February 2013

Time waits for no woman.....

A couple of days ago I was writing a piece for our church magazine and marvelling at how fast the days go by; how quickly time runs through the fingers.
In my head I was sure I had written a blogpost since Christmas, and certainly written something to greet this new year. Ha!
Six weeks into 2013 and I still haven't written!

So here I am, contemplating time.
Recognising that in a few days Lent will be upon us
Bye bye Christmas season - Epiphany is ending and the season of preparation and reconciliation approaches.
Time for me to take stock
Time for all of us to take stock?
January is the month of resolutions - kept and abandoned
February is the month of knuckling down
Getting on
Making progress

No promises
Just a willing heart
And a hope

All things are possible!
Time waits for no one. But this woman is facing the challenge!
Watch this space!