Monday, 28 February 2011

The View From Here

This is my new church; of course it isn't really new... and it isn't really mine! It is just new to me and I have care of it for a time.
I walked along to it from my new home this morning.
I took photographs as I approached and then I went in, and wandered around. Not the first time I have been there of course, but this was a bit special - today for the first time I was there as the minister of that church, minister in this village - Earlston.
I wandered around the building, up the stairs, in and out of the cupboards, looking, reflecting on yesterday - my first Sunday, and praying for the people I have seen, and the people I have yet to meet.
There is something very special about being alone in a church; the stillness, the quiet, being part of a place that goes back over generations... generations of the faithful who have served the community and called that place home; the sense of timelessness, of being 'out of time' and yet paradoxically being planted very firmly in the present, in the here and now.
There is history in this place, some of the memorials I looked at in the graveyard go back to the 17th century, each telling a story of thier own yet to be discovered by me.
Looking across the valley from the front door I see the High School - it is a big, new building state-of-the-art, full of young people whose lives are being moulded... from my ancient building to that modern building, each focal points for the village, each making a contribution to the community
So much potential!
So much to do!
So many new opportunities beckon...

"I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in" (Rev 3:20)


  1. Wonderful Julie! I know just what you mean. Before going into Ministry I was a member of a very old, very beautiful church, which has now just completed a very modern refurbishment, but retaining the old exterior. Can't wait to visit and see inside! Used to lock myself inside for hours and enjoy the peace! Now, can't wait to attend a service when its full! With a teen club of around 12-16 youngsters it has an amazing future. What we were called to nurture! Patricia Watson

  2. I love sitting in Aberlour on my own - quiet, peace, stillness - just as you describe.
    But equally love it when it is full of noisey children, like it was the other week for the Thinking Day service.
    Enjoy Julie - you have a beautiful church and yes so much potential just waiting for you! Sx