Sunday, 20 November 2011

Minister & Mum

Today I got to be Minister & Mum.
Now, of course I was a Mum long before I was a minister, and in the six years I've been a minister I didn't stop being a Mum. But today, for the first time my roles overlapped in a way they haven't before.
Today I confirmed my Son!!
And as he stood and made his promises I was a Mum with a proud tear in her eye; and as he knelt and I placed my hand on his head my voice cracked a little.
What an Amazing and Awesome experience - I love my boys greatly - as Mothers do - today my heart just swelled to bustin'!!!
I had always wondered how I would fit the two roles together, Minister and Mum: usually proud Mum is there in the backrgound, holding back the tears and smiling with joy; but keeping that all together whilst fulfilling my public role was not at all how I imagined it.
I always thought I'd want someone else to do the 'ministry' bit when my family was involved -whatever the occasion was: hadn't actually considered that it would be me.

But today I got a new insight: God our Father & Mother and the joy and pride he has in all His precious children when they too proclaim their faith; make a commitment; declare their promises:
God's Love - the Love of a Proud Parent
Minister & Mum & Proud!!


  1. Very big grin. Am so chuffed for you both :D
    Big hugs xx

  2. Brough a wee tear to my eye too - what a wonderful moment for you both xx