Sunday, 10 June 2012

prayer for Sunday morning

God of rolling hills and deep valleys
God of brilliant sunshine and clinging mists
God of light fluffy clouds and brooding dark skies
Light and dark, high and low, you made it all
You made it for your creation to grow, to thrive, to enjoy and to reflect your glory and majesty
We are awestruck by the immensity of your creation
And we come, quietly, timidly, with joy and humility to worship and praise and adore you
Accept our worship we pray
Even as we approach you
Even as we bring you our worship
We pause
We hesitate
Aware of our weakness, our failings, our forgetfulness and our carelessness
For we know there is darkness in our hearts
There is sadness in the deep
And we cling on to old hurts and old ways
So we bring you these too:
The things we’d rather overlook
The times we forgot you, and turned away from your light
We are fearful to ask for forgiveness
And yet, through your Son comes the confidence
He pays the price
We receive the grace
And so we can be reassured that our sinfulness is forgiven
And our weakness is replaced by strength
Through Jesus Christ
Our Lord and Saviour
Who called us friends
And showed us your ways,
All our prayers, spoken and unspoken we make in his name

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