Saturday, 9 November 2013


As I once again prepare for this season of Remembrance, I have been thinking about a couple of things. First, the "what" of remembering and second the "why". 
The sermon (well, two part short talks this week...) I will post tomorrow, but meantime the season began yesterday with an assembly for the Primary School children, followed by an Act of Remembrance with the Primary 6 & 7s. Doing something meaningful that will work for a whole school, from the little 5 yr olds for whom this all just a bit much, to the Primary 7s - top year of the school and feeling so grown up and ready for more is a challenge.
Yet, somehow, they made it!
They sat quietly and listened.
They responded - stirring for me that age old truth, that shows that in our deepest being the act of remembering, honouring and respecting is as much nature as it is nurture. 
They may not know why they need to respect - but they know that they must. 
They may not know exactly what they are honouring - but they know it is important. 

Tomorrow, we will gather for worship
Tomorrow there will be ceremony and solemnity and ritual.
Tomorrow, people of all backgrounds will gather together, at the church, and at the War Memorial, and together we will remember:
What? Those  who fell, those who gave of themselves, those who survived, those who mourned, those who lost, those who fought - for and against, and those who seek peace that will last.
Why? Because we must not forget the real cost of peace; we must not forget the true price of victory; we must not glory in death, but celebrate that freedom is possible through the sacrifice of others.
Jesus told us, greater love has no one that this, that he lay down his life for his friends  

"we will remember them"

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