Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Transfixed in Awe

Talk given at our Sheltered Housing and Nursing Homes 

Love came down at Christmas
Love all lovely, Love divine;
Love was born at Christmas
Star and angels gave the sign

On Sunday we held our annual Nativity Play; each year, many churches either spend a deal of time, rehearsing the children to within an inch of tolerance. Or worry because they don’t really have enough children; or panic because the children are too young, too scared... and already have far too many other things on.
Many years ago, as a new minister, faced with just such a problem, I was approached by my then Sunday School leader, who also happened to be a Primary School teacher, with a suggestion – and thus the DIY Nativity was born!
It is a little like organised chaos – but it is also stress free for children and their parents. Invitations were sent; posters displayed and trust in God’s good providence prevailed.
We got exactly the right number of children!

Mostly boys it has to be said, but two little girls, who both arrived dressed as angels.... both in pretty, sparkly outfits and the younger is only 16 months old!

Little Aimee stole the show
When we called for angels, her daddy brought her up, and stood her beside the crib
She was utterly transfixed!
So transfixed that she didn’t notice when daddy returned to his seat
And then, as the “big boys” appeared dressed as shepherds, she looked on in awe!
And then, the Kings arrived, and she stood, mesmerised by the shiny gold cloaks...
And we were all spellbound too

Suddenly, in Aimee, there it was: the wonder and awe of Christmas in a moment: the baby in the crib, the strange, and ordinary visitors; the joy, the utter joy of the occasion, as we all saw, in her, the glory that is,

“Love Come Down at Christmas”

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