Friday, 10 October 2014

Random Friday Five

Over at the RevGalBlogPals blog, Karla asks us to answer five random questions for this Friday.... Today I begin a week of leave, and I have time to indulge a little... so here goes: 

1. How do you sign off in your emails, professional and personally? For example, you say “Blessings”,
“Take Care”, “Remember, the Devil is watching you” (o.k. just kidding on that one.) Let us know and why…

Usually blessings, or, every blessing, if it's more formal, probably sincerely, or, regards, occasionally, yours aye, and then for the closest loved ones, love, lots of love, love always... 

2. If you were an animal TODAY, what is it and why?

Feeling the need of a good blow out, so it'd have to be something fast... Like a horse, free running on a beach...along the foamy shore line. So need to get to the sea! 

3. If you get snarky, what triggers it? If you don’t get snarky, please, what is the secret?

Tired! Always when I'm tired I feel the fuse getting shorter and shorter. Bad behaviour, patronising... people telling me what I need... Really?! How do they know!

4. Look up from your computer/tablet/phone screen. What is the first favorite thing your eyes land on. Describe it. (For example, I just did this, and my eyes landed on a little angel made out of multicolored wires whose head and wings are quite askew because of being chewed upon by my puppy. That aside, I love it because it was a gift from two little girls who came often to my office in my last call to play with all the tshotke on my table. They wanted to add to it.)

Sitting in my kitchen and on the wall is a small collage I made of me and my boys... And my family, parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, my BFF, it warms my heart every time I look at it. Especially since I get to see them so rarely. 

5. Do you have a favorite pair of socks? Tell us about them!

This so made me smile! I have some soft bed socks, white with pink hearts, worn at night when I change into jammies. I cannot bear to have cold feet, so they are now being worn every night....

Thank you to Karla for spreading some joy today as I stop and play! 

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  1. Aww, so glad you played! I love the thought of those soft bed socks. Get thee to the sea! Also, I think that "yours aye" sounds so sweet.