Friday, 21 August 2015

Liturgy of Love

A Communion Story Liturgy

When God looked at the world, God saw that the people were toiling; seeking; searching; they were lost and alone; they knew God, but they still strayed, they were caught up with life and living and distractions surrounded them.
So God saw this and chose to make things better for them
God sought to show them a new way, a better way, a gentler more compassionate way of living. How to do this?
How deep was God’s love?
How deep was the Father’s love?
He sent his Son – not as a conquering hero; not as mighty Warrior King – though he could have done. Instead he sent him into a peasant community; away from the hustle and bustle of the city, to grow and live and learn of humanity’s ways. And when the time was right – the Son moved!
He travelled the world, sharing stories of God’s love and compassion.
He worked wonders and left signs for those who sought to know God more.
He criticised those who abused the poor; manipulated God’s love; twisted God’s laws.
He found the lost and lonely; he spent time with the outcasts and sinners; he forgave sins, healed hurts, soothed troubled minds and showed them God’s love in action.
The people loved him!
The people were also scared of him…
The people also feared what he would do… for change is scary.
Eventually those who were fearful began to question – who is this man?
And they began to plot – they wanted to go back to the old ways; to using others, to choosing who was in and who was not… they wanted him gone.

And so, Jesus knew his time was ending; that enough of the people had heard of love and compassion, and that they would become stronger, that the stories would grow and take on their own mission – that, still there would be the scared and the fearful ones; the mean and the selfish ones, but there would also be the kind and compassionate ones.
And so, knowing that the time on earth was to end, Jesus found a way for those who loved him to remember him… he invited them to a feast! A party! A magnificent celebration of life and love.
As they enjoyed the feast he sat and looked at his friends. And he was filled with love and sadness, for he knew what would happen; he knew that ahead was a fearful hate filled night and a long, lingering death. Yet he also knew that it must be done. That one day the world would remember, would know of his story, his love, his love in action.
Catching their attention, he picked up a piece of bread.
Just ordinary bread – bread that had been used in the feast, bread that would from that day forward take on another more special role.
He showed them the bread – look, see – here is bread – here is my body –my body which will be torn apart; broken for you. My body, this bread – take and eat, and when you do, remember me.
And he shared it round the table, and they all took some, and passed it round, and shared the mystery – even though they were not sure why.
And then. When they had all had a piece of the bread; when they had all shared in the body, he lifted up a cup of wine. Just ordinary wine – fruit of the vine, worked and crushed to release precious juices…
He showed them the cup – look, see – here is wine – this wine is my blood – this wine poured into the cup, is my blood which will be poured out, spilled,  for the forgiveness of sin. For the renewing of love. For the people of God. Her – take, drink, share, and as you do remember me.
And he passed the cup, and they each sipped, each shared, one to the other, amazed and awed at such love – Oh Jesus! Such Love.
This is your Saviour coming to you again this day; this act of love in bread and wine, torn and shed, broken and poured, for you, for love… take eat, drink. Believe.
Share the bread and the wine…

Communion Prayer
Holy God we are amazed at Such Love
Such amazing love
You sent your Son into the world; to show us the way, to bring us the Good News – God still loves us!
Even when we turn way; forget; deny; pretend we never knew.
Even then
Even now
God still loves us!
We have shared in this special meal; we have witnessed again God’s love; God’s hope; God’s blessing.
Holy God we thank you; help us to remember long after the meal is done
Help us to carry this remembrance out into our world and share the joy, the love the Good News with all those we meet
Today and always


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