Saturday, 9 April 2016

Be Careful what you Ask For…

(Acts 3: 1-10 at the Beautiful Gate)

He had sat there for so long
people didn’t see him any more
Just another beggar, with his cup,
and his sadness, and his dirty cloak
wrapping him up against the
dust and the grime
kicked up by so many feet passing, passing,
always passing by.

Each day he cried out for alms,
for help, for someone to notice him;
each day the same meagre pickings,
pennies dropped to ease guilt
to assuage the sensibilities of the whole and hearty ones.
Each day, the same, the same,
the same until this day.

Until this day.
When it all changed;
“look at us” they respond.
“Look at us.”
So he looked - hope-filled, curious, what would they give him?
He looked.
He heard.
They saw.
They offered a hand and he.

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