Wednesday, 19 October 2016

moments of grace

Yesterday I went visiting with the puppy in tow.
It was her first go at a pastoral visit

I was going to one of a few old farmers in the congregation; he has got more frail in the past year and is now unable to get out; it was a sad day for him when they took his car away.

He has not managed to church for more than a year - except for coming to my wedding in August when he persuaded his oldest son to take  him along. I visit him regularly and we frequently share in communion.
Yesterday though, I took wedding photos and the pup. She is 7 months of bouncing spaniel - but he had specially asked to see her. So we went! 

He and his wife are in their late 80s and live pretty independently; they were thrilled to see the pictures, and more so to get to play with the puppy.... 
She is usually terrible with new people, jumping up, nipping, doing all the things she shouldn't. But with George (Dod), she stood; then she climbed onto his lap and snuggled.... 

This is them
Man and Dog
and God 
Dod & Dog

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