Saturday, 6 October 2018

What do we need to do?

Sermon notes 26 August (actual sermon unscripted!!)
Micah 6: 6-8 John 6: 22-29

School’s back
Groups are starting up again
And the seasons roll round

As we begin a new season; a new session it is good to take a moment’s pause and ask…

What does God require of me?

Over the past three weeks I have been privileged to be part of a group that has hosted guests from the world church.
So many things we held in common; so many things that were different.
So many things that comforted; so many things that challenged.
We as a church family have, over the eight weeks of  summer witnessed four baptisms, welcoming families, committing to pray for and support babies and their families; and of course, last week, one young woman, who told us why baptism was important to her. 
Why faith and prayer, and knowing God in her life, was the core of her life.
As I have conversed with Rev Nellie about how we each serve our parishes in two very different parts of the world I have asked myself that question again…
What does God require of me?

And today, in our readings we have heard both the Old Testament prophet Micah and Jesus in the New Testament explaining what it is that God requires of any of us.
Micah’s explanation was threefold:
Do what is just
Show constant love
Live humbly with God
Jesus’ description was even simpler:
Believe in the one sent by God.
Believe in Jesus.

We don’t have to make life complicated.
And that is probably the thing I have learnt above all else from our visitors.
Life does not have to be complicated.
Life is simple.
And, as those of you who hear me speak regularly will know, love is the answer!

Each other
Because if we live in a loving manner, then everything else falls into place.
If we are loving, we won’t be unkind; we won’t be unjust; we won’t ignore God.

It really is that simple.
If we truly believe in Jesus’ message and teaching, then the world becomes a kinder place.
What does God want us to do?
Do what is just
Show constant love
Live humbly with God
And, believe in his son Jesus.

Everything else will fall in beside that.

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