Sunday, 9 June 2019

To the Ends of the Earth Part 2

Sermon for Pentecost 2019
this sermon is unscripted; here are some of the bullet poins and thoughts that have gone into this sharing of God's Spirit.

Happy Birthday!
Pentecost Pulpit Fall in Earlston Ccchurch

Young and old
Male and female
Rich and poor
Slave and free

East and west
 North and south
Wherever, whoever, whenever…
God’s message of Hope is eternal, universal, unconditional
The Spirit came – and no one was ever the same
Everything changed

And ever since – man has tried hard to define and confine
The Sprit
Redefining Jesus’ message to suit their own means
Redefining God’s plan, to fit with their  understanding…
And yet… as St Catherine of Sienna is quoted:
“be who you were meant to be and you will set the world on fire” 

Another Pentecost – many, many years ago…
My story, my revelation - a conversation with my Father, on a Pentecost long ago, in which he reminded me - the Spirit came, and never leaves us. We just have to remember to look.

Last week I said we were ascension people
Watching Jesus go up
And waiting for the next thing
This week
We are Pentecost people
The Spirit is here
No need to wait
The waiting is over
The Spirit comes
And all is changed
The new chapter beings

As people of faith we are asked to trust
Trust God
Trust God’s Spirit
Trust God’s leading

The Church of Scotland is doing a Big Thing
And we, we can embrace the challenge
Step out in faith on the journey
We do not know what lies  ahead
But we do know, God is with us
The new chapter is NOW!

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