Monday, 21 June 2010

moving on - ever upwards

several milestones in the past week; first introducing my man to my boys... #3 says he's kinda cool - praise indeed from a 19 yr old!
going public - attending a concert, walking through town holding hands - and waiting for a response
Telling my Dad... smiling when he sought the lowdown on who is courting his (very) grown up daughter - and then laughing when I told him it's my sons who need to approve nowadays!
Telling folks my plans and hopes for the next few weeks - plus the frustration of not yet being able to be completely open about it...
and the excitement this country girl feels at the prospect of a return to the country!!
Just a few more days and the country place will know and be known... just a couple of weeks and they will tell me if they want me!!
Happy Days!

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