Friday, 3 September 2010

thoughts from beside the sea...

I am taking time out
I did not plan to... indeed I had thought that right now I'd be settling into a new home and a new place.
This little blog was deleted, and today restored.
Last time I wrote here it was the end of June and I was full of hope and anticipation

This little blog was the source of the first tremor: too personal, too naive apparently - laying myself open to malicious gossip. Having now reread everything I had written (not much) I still do not understand why (and to be frank, no one seemed to pick up on its exisitence anyway!!) it is all fairly inocuous.
But, things did eventually move; I preached for the charge and all seemed to be well. Until it was discovered that to elect an Interim Moderator was to act Ultra Vires - outwith the law. Oh GOSH!!
A deal of legal wrangling followed (church legal of course!) and the upshot was no, she may not move.
I think the pain expereinced by people I have grown to love over this time is the biggest scandal in all of this. For me, my confidence has taken a knock; and my belief in the innate goodness of people has been rather shaken. But I am a silver-lining girl; my glass is nearly always half-full.

I have been extraordinarily stressed by it all; and I am off work for a while. Taking refuge at Ar Fasgadh - the newly christened house by the sea. Had been pondering giving it a name, and in the past 3 or 4 weeks it has been a haven- Ar Fasgadh means Our Haven.

Next week a whole series of metings will happen; for me and for others. And maybe, just maybe we will get some resolution in all of this mess.

Meantime, I take refuge in my home by the sea; watching the changing tides. Marvelling at beautiful sunrise and sunset and the most surreal moonrises.
Working when I feel like it (on the house)
resting as the mood takes me
and contemplating the future

there is nowhere we can go that is too far away from our Creator: He is as ever a constant presence in my life; inspiring, guiding, nurturing and when the time is right, prompting and inspiring the new direction.

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