Sunday, 12 September 2010

Sunday Morning

It is a blowy blustery Sunday morning - Autumn is on the air and Scotland is on my mind.

I was callenged this week to broaden my horizons - I was reminded that there are churches seeking ministers in every region and not just the North East. I was asked what I was afraid of - just because the North East is familiar and has been home for more than 20 years! So I have broadened my horizons and contacted 9 (yes- 9!) vacant charges.
There is great movement abroad just now. I suspect it is the time of year (shiny new probationers given leave to apply) and the general climate of change within our church.
If anyone was even pondering a move, now is the time to go - as Presbyteries up and down the country begin a period of adjustment to incorporate the swingeing cuts that are about to take place. So out of those nine, five are well on in thier process, two have 'issues' with the manse and must wait until they are sorted, and so two remain. Both have things which attract me, but one seems to appeal more than the other... time will tell!

This Sunday morning I am continuing my foray into visiting friends' churches. This is a definite bonus of being off; a chance to attend worship, to be led into worship, and not to lead others. Last time I was in this particular church was for an induction. Looking forward to going back - many friends there.

Autum blows in and the world changes its clothes - from the brilliant yellow of summer, to the glorious gold and red of Autumn - how wondrous is the artist who created such magnificence!

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