Thursday, 18 November 2010

Work and Worship

Today I am back to full time work
this happened officially yesterday and this morning I have a full diary for the next 7 days (except Sunday!)
Returning to work means that many other things will change - no more freedom to start a day slowly and to simply do nothing if I so choose
No more wondering what to do either - for now I have a timetable to fulfil
and my working means that others will not - this also needs to be dealt with

The weeks ahead will bring many challenges and changes
There is much planning to do
...and much negotiating
I truly hope and pray that the lessons learnt and the reserves stored up will stand me in good stead; I will work hard to make it so, and I will always turn to Him who made us to strengthen and guide just as He has over the past months - listening in the quiet of a day by the sea makes it easy - holding onto that and taking it back to the town, to the church and to the meeting room is the real challenge!

Great is your faithfulness O God my Father
morning by morning your mercies I see
all I have needed your hand has provided
Great is your faithfulness Lord unto me

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