Monday, 1 November 2010


November First!
How the heck did that happen?
Time as ever accelerates and decelerates in direct relation to our mood or schedule.
The past three months has been a maelstrom - and out of it has come much that is good and uplifting
Last week I made my regular visit to my Spiritual Director - we talked over the previous month's thought and reflection; one of the best things I like about our visits together is the deliberate-ness of the conversation
There is no pretence; no shambling around - she asks me direct questions and I try my best to answer them; one of these was what have you learned of God in all that has happened since August - I pondered this for a while because the answer is not a simple one, but here are some of the things that came to mind:
To let go
To look forward
To accept, learn, move on
To be happy in my own company
To listen to God
To be content with silence and solitude
To hand over the frustrations and the feelings of helplessness and anger
But most of all...
and this was a revelation in one of our silent interludes - POTENTIAL
What we do with the word potential is varied; but for me, in that moment, sat in autumn sunshine, in a window that overlooks the Moray Firth from the Black Isle the potential was tangible
The potential for a big move
The potential for a new life
The potential to go where God leads me
Realising my potential, taking hold of it, but always remembering that as a servant of God my control is limited; this is not to say I do not have power, of course I do, and will, and desires, but in all of my broken humanity it is good to remember that it is God who is leading me, God who is prompting me - my potential develops according to my willingness and ability to be still and listen to the small voice within:
Where is God?
God is in the gentle whisper of the breeze, God is in the inspirations and the insights; to know this, or that, is of God, all we need to do is be patient... wait... listen... respond

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