Friday, 18 March 2011

Excuses are not reasons....

I am busy
I like being busy
A friend once observed - 'you need to be needed'
I am not good at letting go, slowing down, taking time out
and I am terrible at just stopping...

Confession- is good for the soul
now.... a few years ago I let the busyness and the need for control- and the desire to be needed and loved and wanted - I let all of these take over.
I was unable to stop
I was unable to let go

Those were dark days
but light came... slowly, gradually
the absence of dark; the lifting of weight;
Light came
and it came from within
I discovered that actually I can stop- and the world will keep going
I can not do something - put it off - delay it - let someone else do it - and actually things do not fall apart

I discovered, that a long lie with a girly novel; and fresh coffee, and eggs for breakfast, taste so much better, when you sit and take time and relish the day

Today, is one of those days
Lay in bed and read my book
put coffee on to brew whilst doing my ablutions - the smell of the beans drifting up the stairs was exceedingly tantalising!
sipped at said coffee whilst cooking beautiful big egg with rich golden yolk....
opened the garden door - took in the spring sunshine

and now- I write for a little while, before going in search of almonds and lemons to make cake!!

If the sun continues to shine - then some time in my garden later- after taking a leisurely lunch with a good friend

no excuses for work today - excuses to go back to the office are not reasons to avoid a day off!

I am a work-aholic I confess!! But today- I will enjoy the sun, smell the coffee, and give thanks to the God who blesses my life!!

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