Friday, 8 April 2011


The trouble with blogging is that it is so often a bit reflective - which can come over as sad, or negative - or lonely
But actually for the most part it is happy - even if it doesn't always read like that

How do we define happiness? the things that cheer us? Bring us joy?
Being alone is not the same as being lonely
Reflecting is not the same as being miserable

Taking joy in springtime - in all the signals of new life and rebirth; the green shoots; buds appearing swelling growing
the mystery that is the turning of seasons - that brings a smile to the face and warms the spirit just as much as it warms the earth

Lent brings reflection almost automatically for some; it is a time of preparation; a time to get ready, to take stock and look forward
It is also important though to travel the path through the pain: for Lent is painful too.
The lectionary takes us on a journey, and if, like me, over the past weeks you have been concentrating on the Gospel Passages then there has been a symbolic journey through some very deep events: being born again; living water; spiritual sight; and finally this week returning from death itself.
I wonder how Lazarus felt?
Where he was for those 4 days?
Coming back to life
Leaving behind darkness, nothingness, returning to his beloved sisters and friends

Was he cheered?
Was he sad to be torn away from eternity?
Did he know it was not yet his time, that his death was a necessity to enable God's glory to shine?
As his sisters' tears turned from bitter sorrow to sweet joy - did he taste it too? Did he share in those tears?

Could he cheer?
Raise a glass to his own return?

As we feel the warmth of Spring Sunshine and the sprinkling of April Showers
As we walk through the season of new life and regrowth
Raise your glass - filled with the Water of Life - to refreshing and renewing our walk with the One who makes it all possible

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