Monday, 13 June 2011


As so many people have observed time is a peculiar thing: when we are anxiously awaiting an event time drags... oh so slowly
and when we need more time to fit in everything we hope to acheive it seems to fly through
Of course - all of that is nonsense! Time is constant... it is measured, unassailable... it is only our own perceptions that change.
this is my excuse for not blogging for two weeks!!
I've been busy working!!

Now - yesterday was Pentecost - birthday of the church... the day we remember the day that yet another of God's wondrous promises was fulfilled - the Holy Spirit came... the Holy Spirit touched and transformed lives... and the Holy Spirit remains from generation to generation inspiring, empowering and bringing life and love to bear

One of the questions I pondered last week was where is the Spirit in my life? where has the Spirit been? and where is the Spirit now?

I asked myself - in order to be reminded of the amazing and astonishing things I have done - not through my own strength but because I have allowed the Spirit in. It's a blessing!!

One of the challenges I issued during worship yesterday was to contagion - the Spirit's effect can be to make us contagious!! I remembered the way I caught it - from my parents and grandmother - they influenced me more than I knew at the time... but now decades later I can look back and know that they have given me an awesome legacy - faith!

The Spirit’s coming was a once and for all event
The Spirit came
And the Spirit is still here
What we need do now is what so many generations have done, and continue to do: spread the word; become contagious Christians -
You sons and daughters prophesy,
You young men see visions,
You old men dream dreams…
And pass on the legacy

Thank you Mum and Dad for teaching me to love God and passing the legacy on!

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