Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sunday Morning

It is early; well - it is actually not that early for I have been up for some time now! However, for many this hour on a Sunday will be early.

I love the early hours of the day - the quiet before the rest of the world wakes. It is a time for reflecting, a time for me & God to catch up.

This morning as I woke I had a wee moment of confusion- what day is it?!
It didn't really feel like it could be Sunday already!
Such a busy week it has been; not that I actually went anywhere - far from it, mostly I spent hours in my study glued to the computer.
And why?
Because I was transfixed by the General Assembly. It was a good week for the church: the Assembly was everything it should have been: real debates; real respsones; real people sharing thier all with each other.
On Monday the media were there in force; searching for scandal, for dissent, for something sensational - an I think they thought they had it too! But for me, the whole week was sensational - our peers truly entered into the week - challenging, reacting, listening to one another, and making decisions that did not necessarily go as some had hoped or predicted.
This is good - for our church is Presbyterian; our decisions are shared, and reflect the will of all - not just the committees and councils that represent our membership. And certainly not just the will of a leader, or single small group. This is something to be celebrated, and applauded.
I was exhausted just being a remote observer - I wonder how my peers are feeling this morning as they return to their parishes - blessings on each of them, and us as we move forward embracing the decisions and putting all these things into action.

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  1. Julie - what a lovely post. I wish I'd opted to have this sunday off instead of last - felt like a zombie. You sum up well the week of sensations. Monday would have been less sensationalised if the press dept had got their act together and stopped the intrusion in worship - heads should roll for that! Shame the paps weren't so shutter happy the rest of the week! So much good news to share.