Wednesday, 11 May 2011

After the Holiday

Trying to get motivated after a week off seems inordinately hard this week!
Yet, this morning I have given myself a little shake: having looked at the material for the Christian Aid Week Service I am planning, I realise I am so lucky.
My education was a given; my freedom, to work, to play, to rest, to have the security of a warm home and safe sleep, are all there without me ever having to fight for the right.
And here I am, bemoaning my lack of motivation because my head is still on holiday!

The Christian Aid Week Prayer
For laughter where there were tears;
For resilient communities more able to withstand disasters;
For voices speaking out against injustice
which were previoulsy silenced;
For feasting where there was hunger;
For all the ways that Christian Aid is helping to transform communities
enabling our sisters and brothers to have fuller lives,
Thanks be to God
We are part of that,
Thanks be to God!

We are part of that - it's the theme through the service; we, in our homes, in our towns and villages, in our churches, in our comfort - even we are part of that!
When we pray; when we give; when we share the vision; and when we continue to remind others that it is possible to make a difference - we are part of that!

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