Monday, 23 May 2011

A Day of Unity

Yesterday- Sunday May 22nd - what a day!
Worship at home followed by joining with members from a neighbouring church to bus up to the capital for the church's big gathering: Roll Away the Stone - and what an event it was!
Friends old & new
Worship from home and away
Going from the sanctuary of St Cuthbert's and the Gaelic Choir out to the Ross Stand for the Massed African Choir - each element touching me in different ways
bumping into various members of my congregation - all somehow taken up by the spirit of the occasion
Was it worth the effort? Without a doubt!!
Rather than a formal afternoon at Holyrood for invited guests only the church truly threw down its barriers/ walls and opened its arms wide - welcome to one and all this is our church - this is our God!
Up and down the park people were interviewed sharing thier faith; sharing thier love; sharing our Lord with all who could hear
I left a stone marked "Earlston Parish Church" I collected a stone marked "Appin Guild" - they had clearly been better prepared that me!
The day was a wonderful witness - and a restorative for the soul - I pray it is the first of many, and that the sense of unity and togetherness will continue through the days of the Assembly

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