Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Knowing who Jesus is....

Today I read again the desert temptations in Matthew's Gospel.
As is often the case when something is familiar, we can overlook something bold, something startling, or we can suddenly see it - have a moment's inspiration.

The devil addresses Jesus three times, each of the first two begin with a sneer "If you are God's Son" but the third is far more ingratiating - wheedling - "All this I'll give you, if you bow down and worship me"
And from that time on, whenever devils and demons address Jesus, they know who he is. Never again is the phrase "If you are" used.
The devil learned who Jesus was.
Believed in him.
But that didn't make him Christian!!
Knowing who Jesus is - is the first step; engaging with the knowledge, allowing it to permeate, inform, inspire and lead us - that is the next step.

Know Jesus
Follow Jesus
Love Jesus

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