Monday, 20 August 2012

time - where did you go?

In the past several weeks I have composed many short blog posts in my head - just never took the time to sit down and commit them to keyboard.
The topics have covered family; phones; keys; frustrations; and family again.
The thoughts have been philosophical; maudlin; excited; joyous and ever so slightly ditsy...
and the ideas have flowed quite freely!

in quick order: 
family: a family gathering where all my closest relatives were there. My parents, my siblings, my nieces and nephews and my aunt & uncle - truly joyous time!
the loss of my phone. Irksome; frustating and then slightly appalled by how badly I missed it
the forgetting of keys: frustrating (because if I hadn't lost the phone the arrangements would have been SO much simpler!)
the sluggishness of returning to work
the productiveness of my garden
the fun of conducting a summer wedding
and another family gathering - this time with my beloved's family

what a summer it has been!
now school is back
meetings pick up
routine is re-established
and life goes on

How blessed we are!

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