Monday, 27 August 2012


I have been reflecting on words
My work means that I use words constantly
I write, I create, I reflect and in each case, the way I use words can make or break the occasion
Words, like a tree's roots go deep and can capture and hold onto a heart or mind - and can damage or heal
disturb or calm

I conduct a funeral - and the family is comforted. But if I were to use the words carelessly then the comfort could be lacking - or worse non-existent
I lead a meeting - and how I speak, how I encourage, or temper the participants can change the atmosphere for good or bad
and of course, more than anything else - I preach
I preach

It was this that started my reflectings; yesterday being Sunday
The encounters I have through the week will always inform the words I use on Sunday morning - or earlier when I am writing what I will say
Sometimes there has been pain and tragedy; other times the news has been joyous. But each week, as I read the scriptures, and choose the music to fit... underlying it all is the words that will come together to communicate something of God, of the Spirit - of Faith and Grace and Hope and Joy.
And it is a painful process!
Some weeks I am sure I will never manage to create something I am satisfied with
Some weeks it feels as though come Sunday all I will have is a blank sheet
But by prayer and God's amazing, and sufficient grace words do appear
and often, it is the most painful; the ones which have been hardest; the ones I am not satisfied with that somehow touch others

Yesterday was such a day - even as I prayed before the service I was unsure and yet, an hour later so many people thanked me!
God is gracious
God will provide
I am nothing without Him

I am a wordsmith - blessed am I

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