Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Advent 4 & 5

Today being Wednesday my task is to create a sermon outline
the scripture was chosen Monday
and this being Advent the second Sunday has a familiarity, a traditional feel
John the Baptist

I had a memory of a poem I wrote - some years back to reflect on the relationship of John to Jesus
and I thought I might post it here today...
but what do you know?!!
I posted it this time last year!! (Almost- if you want to see it - archive 2011 -Nov)

so it got me thinking...
how often do we use and reuse our resources
at what stage do they become old/ worn/ out of date?

how often do we take for granted what we have
at what stage do we stop and think?

John had a destiny - not to be remembered for himself, but for the message he bore
he did not care for convention
nor did he worry about offending folks...

have you ever wished you could declare "You brood of Vipers!!"?  

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