Monday, 17 December 2012

Advent - at this time of year....

Last week disappeared in a blur
I was expecting a mad busy time. lots of meetings, lots on and in amongst it, the gift shopping and spending time with one of my boys - typical two weeks to Christmas

Into that mix came news we had anticipated and dreaded at the same time.
a member of the congregation; a good, good friend who has been fighting her own battle against the big C was in the last stages.

the privilege of ministry is that we are called into these times; we are treated as an extension of the family. It is an honour, it is painful, it is truly awesome to sit alongside a family as they say goodbye.

so my week disappeared; no small thoughts for each day to share.
No lists completed
Just being
and holding
and weeping
and knowing

and God in amongst us

Sheila had an attitude to life that was full on!
She loved to laugh, and to sing, and to play
She was beloved wife, and mother, and daughter and sister and Aunt, and good friend to many people.

Yesterday as I paid tribute to her in our Sunday worship there was not a dry eye in the house of God.
Thursday, as we say our final farewell to her will be the same

God has called her home
and we part, not forever, but until we meet again

go well my friend
go well

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