Friday, 19 April 2013

Solitude and Silence

Each day was ordered and blessed
We gathered together within the ancient walls
Separate yet united 
Each in their own small space
But acutely aware of the others 
Who listened to that still small voice
Whispering down the ages
Of life and worship and hope and faith and spirit and God
Listening to words shared
History and scripture
Facts and verses
Images and memories 
Resonating through the rafters
And then silence.....
Silence and solitude
Solitude longer, much longer than the voices that shared a thought. 
And in that silence came voices through the ages,
informing the reflections
Our charge was to consider reconciliation 
What does it mean to be reconciled? 

Silence and solitude spoke volumes
Silence and solitude informs and inspires
Silence I welcome you
Solitude befriend me
Speak. Speak Lord, for your servant listens 

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