Monday, 1 April 2013


On Palm Sunday I did something I do not often do.... I strayed from my script
It has always been my practise to script my entire service - prayers & sermon and it has always been fine. Occasionally I'll stray slightly away from the script, but usually just a wee aside.
Palm Sunday was different - somehow what I had prepared did not feel right as I stood up to preach - so I ignored what I'd written and went with my gut/ heart/ the Spirit... or I suspect a combination of all three. Whatever it was, I knew I was "on Fire" I could feel it, and see it on the faces of those who were listening. And the feedback 'at the door' was very positive too.

Over the past two years, here in my lovely village parish, I have had one elder in particular who has been an enourmous encouragement to me; he often tells me he sees the Spirit in church, and is aware of her presence during worship.
This Holy Week I experienced it first hand
Our Evening Services were also unscripted.... and the words that flowed from my lips did not feel like my own.
Holy Saturday dawned with me utterly exhausted - wrung out - and I could not imagine where or how I would have energy for the Resurrection Morn. God will provide!!
Suddenly around 6 pm I knew what I would say - but was unable to write more than a couple of sentences - but also knew it would be fine - I had the most amazing evening with my family. Just fun and relaxing and perfect!
Easter dawned. We gathered to worship. The Spirit again opened my lips.... and the words of inspiration flowed.

Christ is Risen, He is risen indeed. And God - Father, Son & Holy Spirit reign

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  1. A wonderful resurrection message. And the promise of more to come! Thanks be to God. xxx