Sunday, 20 April 2014

Early One Morning - Easter sermon

Matthew 28. 
sermon for the 8.30 Resurrection Service

Early in the morning, just as sun was rising
They went, quietly, gently into that place
Seeking to do one last service to their beloved master
To wrap him properly, to caress and embalm; to bring fragrance into the stench of death

I still cannot begin to imagine how they felt when they arrived to find, not a sealed tomb, but something completely other
An open grave
And no sign of him...

It was early
Were they dreaming?
No, for they all saw the same thing

Then, not only was there no sign of him
There was a bright shining mysterious creature
Were they dreaming now?
No, for again they all saw the same thing

“Do not fear” says the mighty stranger, for I believe angels are toweringly tall... thus they always begin every encounter with: do not fear...

“Do not fear, Jesus is not here
He has risen from death
Just as he told you he would”

Come and see – the place were he was lying is empty
They look and wonder
Are we dreaming?
No, for we all see it too

It was early in the morning, and as the wandered, dazed, away from the tomb they met him!
And now they know for sure they are not dreaming
And suddenly
The quiet, gentle, sombre party is transformed!

It’s early in the morning and this is a brand new day!!
A joyous, wondrous, amazing spectacular New Day!!

It is early in the morning and all is well
And all will be well now for eternity

Spread the news – tell everyone
I am here
I am here with you
And life will never be the same again!

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