Saturday, 24 January 2015

Be Happy Be Blessed

(a reflection on the Beatitudes)

Happy smiley people
Holy blessed folks
Riches, wealth, health and healing
These are the things the world counts as blessings

So how come, he says
When you're sad – you're happy and blessed?
When people shout, and persecute – celebrate!
When you have no resources left – you're at your limit
Count it as the pinnacle?
What is that about?

How can you be so radical?
How can you speak such dissonance?
Do you really want to turn things
Upside down?
Do you really want us to smile in pain?
To cheer in grief?
To be happy to be last, insignificant, unnoticed?
Are we really to turn the whole world round ~
To YOUR way of being?
YOUR way of doing?
And if we do – will we really

Be happy be blessed? 

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