Thursday, 8 January 2015

You said What?

What did you say?
Oh. You said nothing
you simply drew the lines...
that described some absurdity
that caused offence... 

Every day, I hear blasphemy, or ridicule
or something that I could, if I chose,
be offended by.

To take offence is a choice
To turn the other cheek is a different choice.

To react instantly because of shock or high emotion 
is a natural response
but, to take offence, and not react immediately,
but instead, plot, and plan, and ultimately execute... 
is not a natural response
it is a deliberate act
designed to cause the biggest shockwaves
to stimulate and repulse.

This act of violence is not a religious response
No matter what is claimed.

Our God
and the Prophet 
are bigger than petty offences
To corrupt scripture - any scripture - words revered, followed and honoured
is sinful. 
Taking the Word of God
or the Word of the Prophet 
and bending it to your own desires; your own agenda
is a corruption of the Word

Ultimately all that happens
is that the different sides are pulled further and further apart
views become more entrenched
and the life of faith that is sought
becomes a distant memory
a lost ideal.
Lost in the mire.

When lines are drawn
sides are taken
and the idea of cooperation, collaboration, unity becomes more and more unlikely. 

People of faith
Pray like you never prayed before 
For peace... 
For unity...
For hope. 

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