Monday, 16 March 2015

Good Morning!

Good morning world!
The light slowly grows
shadows disperse
and grey fades away 

the garden becomes visible
the trees pointing their still 
naked branches skywards 
birds visible on the branches
gathering, chattering
sharing the dawn news

below the grass is growing
greening  the land
proving  that the seasons turn
life returns to the earth

The snowdrops are finished
their heads drooping now
the pristine white replaced by 
paper thin fading heads
In their place so much more life!

Daffs, nodding their heads
green shoots everywhere
flowers bursting into life
early blossoms
buds swelling, getting ready
to open and show off their beauty.

Oh Spring! 
welcome back 
Come, show us your colours
Your life
your hope
Life is returned
the ground awakes
and time, days, seasons
move on
Good Morning world!
Good morning God!! 

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