Monday, 30 March 2015

The Sound of Silence

A post Palm Sunday Reflection

Yesterday was Palm Sunday
and, rather than focussing on the Triumphant Entry to Jerusalem
we moved into the events of Thursday & Friday of Holy Week

the entry reading was used as a call to worship
and for the children's message

and then... we  moved to the Passion Narrative in Matthew
chapters 26 & 27 
It was scripted for three voices
and, during the reading we sang vesres from  there is a green hill far away

it was a long reading

and, all who felt able were asked to remain standing

As the reading progressed I was surprised to see everyone on their feet.

Some, who struggle day to day, kept on standing, gripping the rail in front of them, but determined to carry the honour...

the emotion was tangible 

As the reading climaxed, and Jesus breathed his last, we fell into silence.... a long, long minute. 

The silence broken, by the single chord to indicate the next verse... "There was no other good enough..." and all round I could see eyes filling, heads bowing, as, as if for the very first time, the gospel words were brought into our reality. 

The reading finished. And, the next hymn, seated, was The Servant King. 

In theory, there was to be a short reflection.

I had a few headings,  I had planned to go without notes, because writing about Good Friday is such an emotional, astonishing event, and I had felt the Spirit prompting earlier in the week, to trust her. 

The Spirit was more tangible, more present, for the whole congregation. 

I stood, and said, "the scriptures and the hymns have said it all - let's just reflect for a moment.... I can add nothing."

Holy Spirit - holy presence in our midst

we thank you

walk with us this Holy Week

as we remember once more


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