Thursday, 2 April 2015

the Fragrance of Jesus

"May the fragrance of Jesus fill this place"

The mid point in Holy Week, 
a time of silence and reflection
stimulated by some visual reminders

a purple cloth
thirty pieces of silver
broken bread
a bowl of water
a jug of rich red wine
a small hand held cross
an old, heavy hammer and long, sharp nails
and a large, dark, brooding cross, bedecked with a fragment of cloth and a twisted wire crown
in a small bowl burned frankincense... pungent resin
the smoke lifted and curled
moving back and forth as people moved quietly round the church
station to station
moment to moment

The mid point in Holy Week
a time to reflect
a time to be still, quiet, close
the fragrance filled our senses
the reminders touched our souls


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