Monday, 27 April 2015

There's a Woman in the Pulpit

Oh the frustration!
The Book...
 My book... the thing I worked on and wrote for, and played with and prayed over.... was at home.
And I, was  not.
So I would have to wait... four long days...
However, those four days were spent in the company of RevGals - the authors and subjects of the book. So I may have been a little impatient and frustrated, but I was in such good company, it made the waiting better - and I would simply need to be patient. Sharing in the love and sacrament of sharing and giving and loving; this was not life and death, it was life and life!

Patience... hmm, that's one of the topics
sacrament - yes that's one too
life and death - yep that too

This book contains the tears and laughter and hope and contemplations and reflections and prayers and ideas of women who are single and married and mothers and sisters and daughters and nieces and aunts and grandmothers and beautiful - so beautiful through and through.
These women all also happen to be - Revs... they call us minister, or priest, or vicar, or pastor, or Mother or Sister, or Reverend... and this is our story, our song, our spirit our joy.

Reading this book will change you; it will make you cry, and laugh out loud and think. And yes- of course I am biased. But last night and this morning as I read, the tears flowed, and my heart swelled and I was so PROUD, yes proud to be one of these RevGals, and honoured to be included in this book. Our book. My book. 
Read it
Love it
Share it
You will not regret it. 

It's available from Eden Christian Books in the UK

And on Amazon and Kindle... 

There's a woman in the pulpit and that woman is me.

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  1. U.S.A. Fairfax, Virginia, I am reading the book "as we speak." Torn: in my reading (elsewhere) I have learned the etymology of the English word "brick" in that initially these were made in what was in effect a large sheet and then "broken" apart (thus "brick") - or we could also say "Torn." Makes sense to me. from someone whose English heritage (Quaker, pre 1600's) has variations - Brick-stone / Black-stone / BraxtAn / and so forth. Like your writings (all).