Saturday, 4 April 2015


It's the day between
Yesterday it was finished
Tomorrow a new start 
But today...
Today is a nothing, a gap, a pause...
What to do?
Too soon for fun and joy and celebrating
Too soon to shout the news
Too soon...

Today is the time for waiting
Holding the peace
Comforting the lost
Studying the quiet mood
How do we feel today?
What does this wait do?

Question for a moment what happened...
The friends were scattered
Running and fearful
Did they regroup?
How quickly were they able to gather
Did they do a head count...
Have you seen Thomas?
Where is Nathaniel?
Has anyone found the women, the children?
Are we all here...
What do we do now?

Peter, John you were closest - tell us what to do...
What did he mean when he told us those things?
He told us to wait, what are we waiting for?

Is this it?
Is this all there is?
Where shall we go?
Do we just go back to our ordinary lives?

O Holy God
show us how to live in this inbetween time
and all the other inbetween times we experience
waiting for news
waiting for hope
waiting for courage and restoration

May the Spirit's breath touch and fill us
give us courage, make us bold
Stregthen our resolve and show us how to be..
to simply be
in all the inbetween times

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