Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Assembly Thoughts


It is only Tuesday but it feels already that we've been deliberating long and hard.
I have noticed a strange atmosphere this year - there feels to be fewer folks really engaging in the debate; there seems to be  reluctance to stand up and be counted. 

Saturday, we made a momentous decision, which will send ripples across our church and beyond. And later in the week, we will begin the process of discussing the solemnisation of marriage - what will that bring? 
Today, as we discussed social justice, and education and politics, and nuclear arms and our response to Israel Palestine the gathering was almost subdued... fewer points discussed; fewer amendments and addenda.... the hall waits with baited breath, for the next seismic shift.

Where will it take us?
What will we see?
How will we respond? 

When we return to our parishes and presbyteries we report our diligence - that we attended, that we took our part, that we engaged with the work of the church across the world. 
and what then?
 how do we, how do I respond and take that message, that hope, that engagement and make of it something beautiful, exciting and new. It's only Tuesday - but already the questions are piling up! 

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