Monday, 11 May 2015

B.E.E Reflections....

BEE Feeto in the centre of the labyrinth
 I have always remembered it was a random Friday Five that set us off... except, when I look back, it was actually a post by Teri about RGBP's 8th birthday... 
It was all about sharing birthday wishes - what we would wish for...

and I included a wish that we could have a Scottish Event.... like, but not the same as, the Big Events that happen on a cruise ship.

Immediately several people said YEAH!!!! 

So, began a wee adventure - chatting among some of the Scottish Gals

Chatting with Martha over the interweb... which also resulted in me becoming the Monday Prayer Gal! 

The Lindisfarne Group

We talked about the how, the when, the where, the who.... and so we created BEE - Big Event Scotland
On Friday 17th April - I was at Edinburgh Airport to meet Celeste
and a couple days after that a couple of the Canadian Gals - Karen 7 Jan also arrived. Meantime over that weekend, many other gals were gathering... in our capital city.

Setting out on the Pilgrim Way

On Tuesday 21st April we gathered, from Scotland and England, from the US and Canada - to listen and to share and to smile and to laugh.
Ruth Everhart was our presenter - taking us on a Pilgrim Journey - through the Holy Land and beyond.

We explored our own thoughts about what a pilgrim journey is all about
How do you journey without leaving home?

There were 19 of us, and everyone loved it; we entered into some pretty deep sharing too - the intensity of the days together, stripping back natural reserves and hesitancy. 
I had asked for some feedback, soundbites, comments from those who attended - I got this great email from Sue: 

 "It was such a wonderful time in every way. We were nurtured in mind, body, and spirit. We laughed and learned and felt the power of God's Spirit dancing in our midst." 
Working hard....

Following the four days in Edinburgh, there was an optional follow on - to become Pilgrims on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne.... 11 of the 19 made that journey - travelling by taxi and train and car, across a causeway that is covered twice per day by the tide. 

Here we were led by Rachel Poolman - RevGal extraordinaire and warden of the St Cuthbert's Centre on Holy Island. 
It was indeed a holy time.

The day passed so quickly - it was gone in a flash, but it was a good, good time. 

There was a funny story from Libby - about doing "The Things" - and according to those who attended - we did the Thing. and it was great! 

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