Saturday, 7 November 2015

NaBloPoMo #7 - the greatest of these

Ahh... it's a wedding today!
Sweet couple with two little ones
the younger is two and a half - and I fully expect him to run riot this afternoon - just as he did last night at the rehearsal.... 

This is my third wedding this year - church weddings are getting fewer and fewer as more folks go for a "Package Deal" with venue providing a celebrant who will do whatever the couple want.... choice is what it's all about now; the upside of this being that generally those who choose to have a minister and a church also really want their union to be blessed - God is welcome! 
The first years I was in ministry the packages were only just beginning to come into the equation, so I got all sorts of requests, and suggestions. More weddings, but not necessarily more blessings... 

It is sad that the numbers have gone down
but good that those who come, really do seek to invite God to bless their union.

New wedding banner at Earlston

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