Thursday, 12 November 2015

NaBloPoMo #8-12....


The world caught up with me...
I have been dealing with STUFF.... 
deep, grotty, rubbishy sort of stuff.

So the writing slid, and life just crept along. 
Saturday - the last day I blogged - was the chaotic, lovely wedding - which was lovely, but also personally painful (one day - me) 
Sunday, Remembrance Sunday, move the service early, welcome local dignitaries, uniformed organisations and all sorts who only come to church once a year. Followed by solemn procession to the village Square of the entire congregation, escorted by police cars to stop the traffic... 
Monday: Messy Church planning in the morning; banner group in the afternoon (share my unhappy news...) 
Tuesday: Funeral; Home bound communion service; visit to v frail elderly, just home from hospital - comfort daughter as he has another stroke and is readmitted... go to choir rehearsal in evening... 
Wednesday : Remembrance Day - High School - 5 Assemblies back to back; meeting over lunch; Junior School Assembly, walk with the oldest children to the War Memorial; come home - supervision meeting with student... lie down in a darkened room.... 
Thursday - today- after broken night of tossing and turning set off for Glasgow for training day; pull over into car park after 45 mins, as the pains in belly indicate IBS is imminent.

O God, grant me patience, to bear all things; to love at all times; to lean in to you in all places; and remember - you have already saved the world - I don't need to!

Oh to go to the sea and breathe!

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