Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Created - Known - Loved

Yesterday it was a post about size
Today it's a post about hair
Last week it was a post about height
and another time it was about sight
before that age, gender, etc.....

And it's got me thinking....
Yesterday Size: this beautiful girl, 17, seeking a prom dress (creeping into the UK now, but still not as big as it is in the USA) and finding 'the one' she went to her local shop to see if they had it, and to check about ordering... to be told, we don't do your size. we only do the average dress size - 6 to 8!! (in the UK this translates to 10-12).
her size? US 12 - not big by any stretch!!

Today my friend had a wee rant, about her fabulous curly hair - not because she hates it, but because of the way other people treat her because of it. If you have curly hair you are not: serious; clever; picky; and you won't mind folks touching you (seriously!????)

Now, I am not petite- I'm 5'7; I weigh more than I'll admit too; I am short-sighted AND long sighted (varifocals rule!) and I have long wavy hair (oh yes- apparently at my age I should thnk about getting it shorter cos I'm far too old for long locks!! 53!)

All that said: I am beautiful. I am loved. I love others well.
I am as God intended - beautifully, fearfully, wonderfully made
Now - if God is OK with how I am - then why isn't the world happy too?

Let's stop believing the  media
the average British woman is size 16-18 (not 10-12)
Blondes, brunettes, redheads all have fun!
And we are all far more intelligent and beautiful than you think!!

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