Monday, 17 June 2013


29 years ago today I became a mother.
It was a celebration of creativity like no other... and in that moment I remember two things with utter clarity
LOVE: overwhelming, heart stopping, fierce, fabulous love
REALISATION: this feeling took me into that club which is reserved for women who give birth and that my mother before me, had experienced the same thing when she became a mother at my birth.

In the the years that have passed, many things have changed and been added - two more boys; and some grey hairs (which I carefully hide!)
I have changed and grown; there have been joys & sadness along the way.
Most of which I could never have anticipated.
And  Ricky, born 29 years ago today, has grown into a handsome young man, along with his brothers.
I am a creative spirit - I love to use that gift - to craft with my hands and my words and my love - things that are new and challenging

I have created much in my lifetime
my three greatest creations:
Ricky, George and Jamie

love you boys!!

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