Wednesday, 17 July 2013

birthdays come & go...

This week RevGalBlogPals celebrates its 8th anniversary - its Birthday
and so Teri asks us:

1. What's your birthday tradition?
2. If you were blowing out the RevGal birthday candles, what would you wish for us? What's your dream for RevGalBlogPals?

it's a fun question, with a wee bit serious on the side.

My birthday is in November - twice in the past few years I've celebrated it in the Holy Land - a truly life-changing, faith-nurturing experience
My birthday is the 4th, and my Grandma's was the 5th so sometimes, when she lived near us there'd be joint celebrations.... and always (in my memory anyway), always there were fireworks, November 5th being Fireworks Night, Guy Fawkes Night, Bonfire Night (call it what you will - it's an excuse for a big fire & lots of sparklers!)

I've had 53 birthdays
But I haven't have 53 parties, or 53 fireworks, or any such thing!
But I do still love birthdays, mine and others and I take every opportunity to celebrate them.
...and I do still love fireworks!

Blowing out candles - for me, or for RevGalBlogPals my wish is for contentment, happiness, well-being and good, good friends to continue to be my greatest blessing.
And my dream for the future?
Well - here's the thing, I had been formulating this dream/ fantasy, idea for the past few weeks and not shared it with anyone - then I read Teri's dream and we kind of match!!

My dream- to have a RGBP UK network - a system extra to the FB group and the blogring.
Maybe an annual get together - on a much bigger scale than the two W.E.E gatherings we have managed already. To inlcude teaching and worship and nurture and celebrating our sisterhood - with maybe one or two of our U.S. sisters able to fly over to join us, just like some of us fly over to join the BE each year....
I think it's a good wish!


  1. LOVE! I'd certainly work to figure out how to come over! I love love love your birthday fireworks (even if they are for gunpowder treason and plot) and the network idea. Any thoughts on whether one of you UK RevGals might be able to be a local coordinator?

  2. I have been looking for an international continuing Ed event :) with my sisters across the pond. Go for it!

  3. Great idea Julie! Let's do it!