Friday, 12 July 2013

Friday Five Silly Sentences....

This week I am playing Friday Five for real, time to get creative!! My sentences either make no sense, or are the start of some other thought...
This is what we were asked to do:
"Because I am feeling silly, or perhaps, just out there, our FF is dedicated to creating silly sentences. We all need a little meaningless creativity and humour, right?

Use these five words (in any tense) in a sentence:

1. pulpit, puppy, wrench, word, mouse.

“the pulpit mouse wrenched the word out: puppy? I thought you said poppy!”
2. weep, love, prayer, bassoon, chair

The bassoon player sat on a chair, and the prayer that ascended in note form made me weep for love of music

3. heart, shutter, wish, turtle, walk

The shutter captured the heart’s flutter as the turtle walked and wished for love

4. howl, worry, window, story, trust

I trust you’ll close the window, the wind is howling and I worry I won’t hear the rest of the story

5. garden, hat, shepherd, laugh, sigh

The shepherd wore her garden hat as the merry laugh of her dearest love made her sigh in contentment

lots of love themes in here... must be in the wind!

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