Monday, 8 July 2013

connected through the matrix....

RGBP - connected like all the colours in the glass...
individually beautiful together amazing!!!
Getting connected... plugging in... switching on...
there are so many connections in my life:
real and virtual
spritual and tangible
supporting and challenging

the longer I am a minister
the more surprised I get

because one of the most surprising things about ministry and the church
is just how small our world really is...

This week's carnival on RevGalBlogPals is all about connectedness: its surprises and its comforts, helps, ideas, exchanges and all round companionship on the way.

These times of refelction caused me to look back over my blog... from its earliest days when I really wasn't sure what to post about, or what to write.
to  the regular updates of sermon or poem or idea ...

my first blog here was back in April 2010 - it was a milestone event that prompted its beginning
my joining the RGBP ring happened around a year later, at the prompting of Nik - who recommended the Saturday Preacher Party! (Truly my Saturday morning saviour)

Since being part of this ring I have chatted to many folk via our facebook and blogger tools... and met only a few... Teri when she was touring Scotland; some of the Scottish girls when we aranged W.E.E. last year, and again this year when we arranged W.E.E.2 - Some of these I may never meet, some of those girls I have known for many years, others for only a few - but through it all it still suprises me when I discover that they have the same problems, worries, joys, excitements, fears and loves that I do!

The matrix that connects us all is tangible - even though it is invisible to the eye.
The matrix reminds me of some of the most awesome stained glass windows I saw in Nazareth last year in the Holy Land
The matrix is the Spirit - she has us!!
she holds us, whispers... and yells when necessary...
RGBP is simply the extension of this Holy matrix - invisible threads weaving together to create this awesome, beautiful tapestry of the servants of God, all fiercely fabulous forever!


  1. Love! And I'm so glad I got to meet you last year. You are a fantastic hostess and I hope many more people have the pleasure of sharing your company!

    i love the matrix-Spirit connection. Thanks for that!

  2. I'm delighted you feel I am your Saturday morning saviour but surely the chat on the RevGals blog on Saturday would do that job more ably than moi. :P
    *grins, then reminds self not to tease the 'task group' members, runs away*

    1. You are welcome to tease.... Though I frequently point out to Al it doesn't count as I'm too easily wound up!
      And.... Not on Task Group this year so you're safe!

  3. What a gorgeous image!
    I adore it that our Scottish contingent makes a point of meeting up and drawing more friends into the ring. I hope we'll meet some day, either here or there!

  4. I love the matrix image too. Thank you for this lovely post.