Sunday, 12 January 2014

Living Water – A Talk for Children

On the chancel we have our Baptismal Font – moved to the centre as if for a baptism.
On the table to the side are two jugs, one the big baptismal jug, and a second smaller one

What do you see here today?
Now, we know this is for when I am going to Christen or baptise someone don’t we?
Can you remember what all these different things are?
What’s this called? And can you remember why we call it the font?
What’s the special word?
Yes, a fountain with water that never stops moving – that looks like it’s alive!!
Usually when we have a baptism, one of our elders lifts up the big jug to pour the water for everyone to see... so we can remember that we are baptised with living water...
See my smaller jug?
Would anyone like to have a go at making some living water this morning?

We do not have a baptism today... but our bible reading tells us of a very special baptism indeed... who’s do you think that may be?
Jesus was baptised
He was baptised in a river
Now, if you got baptised in a river it would be really easy to remember about the living water wouldn’t it?
Yes! Because the river never stops flowing...
And our lives with Jesus don’t stand still either
So today we remember Jesus baptism
We remember that Jesus, came as a baby, then he grew into a boy, and a teenager and then a man
And when he was grown up, he had a job to do
He began his job, his mission, with his baptism
Taking time apart to get God’s blessing
Taking time so that when it all began, he was as ready as he could be

Let’s try to remember that too
That when we begin a task
Whether it’s a tiny errand or a great big project
We too spend time with God
Remembering that living water always flowing

So that when we begin, we too, are as ready as we can be 

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