Thursday, 23 January 2014

Garden visitors

The Garden is usually busy at this time of year - finches, blackbirds, robin and also a big fat pigeon, and many, many jackdaws
each morning my regular visitors arrive to see what treats are laid out for them:
bacon fat
apples... my how they have loved the windfall apples this year!

but this year I have a new visitor...
and each day he gets bolder and bolder
now standing at the back door and calling
now tapping on the glass
And, when I go out to top up the feeder, or scatter some seeds, he only runs a little further, waiting until I go back inside

Pheasant are not generally known as intelligent birds... often running when flying would get them to safety
Often choosing to run into the path of a car instead of into the hedgerow
But this handsome chap has worked out where to come to get easy food! 

How often would we benefit from some simple learning?
How often would learning to follow bring us to untold riches?

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